Frame Scaffolding to Meet Your Needs

TITAN Scaffold offers a variety of frames to suit your needs.  If you have any questions about which frames you need, please call our office at:

(631) 385-8207 


Step Type Frame

2' - 6'  4" High
5' Wide



Access Ladder Frame
Scaffold Frames with 12" Rung Spacing

2' - 6'  4" High
5' Wide




Wide Base Frames
Increase base dimension without requiring extra components

4'3" High (5' High with 8" Casters) x 7' Wide













Bil-Jax Advantage

One brace with 27-3/4" brace lock spacing will fit all frames 3' high to 6'6" high. 2' frames require a 9-3/8" brace lock spacing.


Open End Type

6' 9" High
5' Wide




Narrow Ladder Frame

3' - 6' High
28" Wide
36" Wide




Sidewalk Frame
Used to support plywood or other means of protective covering over walkway areas on job construction sites.  Prevents debris, small tools, etc. from falling onto walkway.

6' Wide, 7' High


Diagonal / Cross Braces

Constructed of high strength steel with a galvanized finish, cross braces are connected with rivet and washer for easy handling and are available in lengths of 4' to 10'.

Diagnaol Braces - 27-3/4" Lock Spacing

Part #

Frame Spacing



4'     Sp.



5'     Sp.



6'     Sp.



6'6"  Sp.



7'     Sp.



7'6"  Sp.



8'     Sp.



10'   Sp.



NOTE:  When ordering braces, actual brace length will be slightly longer (approximately 6") than spacing.

Braces for Bil-Jax standard lock spacing 27-3/4" (use with Frame Hts. 3' to 6'6")





Base Plates, Leveling jacks, Casters

Base plates are used for flat surfaces, leveling jacks for uneven surfaces.  If you need your scaffold to move as your work progresses we will provide casters.

Base Plates Casters w/brake

Leveling Jacks
Provide up to 18" adjustability


Scaffolding Accessories

TITAN Scaffold stocks a variety of functional components which allow for a wide range of applications.  Catwalks / Walkboards are available in 7', 8' or 10' lengths and 19" wide.  For use on rolling towers.

Tuf-N-Lite Walkboard - Aluminum Frame w/Plywood Deck
  • 4-Bolt hook designed for superior strength.
  • Off-set hooks allow continuous decking.
  • Superior extrusion design offering maximum strength where needed.
  • Side rail extrusion protects the edge of the plywood.
  • Plywood supported by aluminum cross members in center and at both ends of the walkboard
  • Designed to be easily repaired with no special tools required



Side Brackets

Putlogs / Trusses
20", 30", 36" lengths
Used for adjustability of work area
12', 16', 22' lengths
Enables bridging of obstructions


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